The Biomedical Evaluation Assessment Resource (BEAR) is the most advanced personal digital health technology in the world. As a fully interoperable, longitudinal, and comprehensive digital resource. The BEAR can identify, interact, and provide insights on individual health from across the patient's entire data spectrum.


The BEAR architecture allows for the secure collection, storage, and transfer of various sources of individual health information, across any platform or system, in real time, anywhere in the world. The BEAR satisfies data privacy laws and leading regulatory and compliance practices within Europe and North America.



The BEAR technology transforms how health data is interpreted and utilized as well as how clinical and administrative information is processed. The identification of specific attributes, patterns, and correlations in individual and organizational health data combined with specialized algorithms built around medical knowledge domains eliminate common clinical and administrative error.



The unique design of the BEAR allows for health data to be personalized for any user with ease in scaling individual trends, multiple data sources, and various analytic interfaces. New insights previously unknown within individual medical data can now be identified with advanced machine learning applications that provide customized reports, tailored medical decisions, and greater precision in interventions, treatments, services, and products.

Bear Health Technologies is a Health IT company that is actively engaged in researching, designing, and building advanced digital health technology that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Mobile Applications.

Our Vision is to revolutionize how personal medical information is accessed, stored, and utilized around the world.

Bear Health Technologies is based in Guelph within the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor. The region supports the 2nd largest life sciences cluster and the 4th largest R&D community in North America.


Bear Health Technologies is passionate about healthcare and technological innovation. If you share similar interests or are curious about what we do, please contact us! 



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